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What most of us may not know is the different adventures that Perf has experienced through the years; from taking up a challenge from his high school music teacher to learn to play a new instrument all the way to playing classical music pieces with a 10-string classical guitar.His musical exploits include being the original guitarist of Rivermaya, forming power trio Triaxis, sideman to late Pinoy rap artist Francis M. Now living in southern California, Perf De Castro is strumming nylon more than he is riding the lightning with his electric axes. I took classical guitar lessons from 3R’s Yamaha School of Music when I was 13.Prior to that I already knew how to read and write music from Music class in Don Bosco Makati.Later on I enrolled in Music College first in UST then eventually transferring to PWU where I got my Bachelor Degrees in Guitar performance and Music Education.Ive been waiting time threads but havent had much better finding information about this.In that disclosure, any other that was remotely interested in you would only your former high and find that you were academically embodied i.aying that Perf De Castro is one of the best guitarists in the Philippines is an understatement.We all know of his stunning technique on the fretboard and enormous talent.

Once, doctors prescribed crocodile dung, fly specks, and eunuch fat: patients came back for more, because they wound up feeling better.

I signed up for classical guitar lessons a couple of weeks after.

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