Who is lucy hale dating in real life 2016

06-Aug-2016 15:12

“It’s not as much fireworks as it was with Caleb and Hanna, but it’s really beautiful,” teased Blackburn of the upcoming Spaleb flashbacks.There was no shortage of memorable moments at the 2017 Grammys tonight — whether it was the fashion or performances, fans were tweeting up a storm during the awards show. It's no surprise that celebrities often own the things we covet — but since we average Joes would rather not blow 0 on an i Phone case, there are some cheap alternatives that still make excellent...The latest over-the-top shipping is focused around none other than Lucy Hale and her long-term boyfriend Anthony Calabretta.Lucy and Anthony have been dating him for over a year and fans are now speculating their engagement due to the ring the actress has been wearing throughout her latest pics on social media.I think TV shows are still fun and having a job in TV for eight years is almost unheard of, but now I’m excited to change it up a bit and try and bunch of things.” Hale added: “I want to try to do stuff that scares me a little bit and my whole thing is just always keeping an open mind because some of my best experiences come from jumping into something I never thought I would enjoy … I’ve been really, really blessed so far so just continuing to work hard and I’m excited for this next year. The "Pretty Little Liars" star just got engaged to Hudson Sheaffer, and fans are wondering about her big day.Though the idea of the two of them taking this major step is sweet, let's dial it back and think about why this may not be true.

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"It's just always so much fun to get to play around with your partner, because you have so much in life to draw on, and you have so much trust.“[Troian] has a good, specific approach that I really respect, so any time she and I were able to work together previously, we’ve really enjoyed it,” said Blackburn.“We would actually joke around together and be like, ‘So, how do we get more time together on screen?Ryan, who last saw the actor when he came to visit him on set with his... The stars are taking over the 2016 Teen Choice Awards red carpet! Lea Michele's rep confirmed on Monday that the Glee actress split from her boyfriend Matthew Paetz after two years of dating.

Everyone's favorites from Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale to Jessica Alba are taking the stage... The Glee star took a break from baby duties on Tuesday to show off her rockin' body during a red carpet appearance. RELATED: Lea Michele Shows Off Cleavage in Low Cut...

We’re talking of course about the newly-revealed romance between Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Spencer (Troian Bellisario).