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Home-grown gospel favourites Kevin Downswell, DJ Nicholas, Prodigal Son and George Nooks are all down to perform at the AIM Financial Corporation First Fest set for January 2 at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre.The gospel festival will also see the return of American celebrity pastor, Deitrick Haddon, who will headline the festival that will also feature electrifying performances from the likes of Jabez, Joan Flemmings, Sister Patt, Keesa Peart, Reverend Glen Graham and Carey Sayles.In what is probably the first-ever mashup of Charles Dickens and R&B, “A Beautiful Soul” stars gospel singer Deitrick Haddon as a bling-wielding, self-centered Scrooge whose wakeup call arrives via a bullet, and whose redemption involves a divine i Pad (with an app for afterparties past, present and yet to come) by which he learns to change his ways.Although a natural for young, Christian-oriented auds, helmer Jeff Byrd’s meller is too undernourished and underpopulated to find much traction elsewhere, and strains to find a tone.One follower tweeted “Regardless, God is still in control...I still and always will love you as an artists and a honest man of God” whilst another Deitrick Haddon fan stated “I love you man.

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” Deitrick received an outpouring of support after his very personal revelation.He has not left you to crude speculation (libertarian) or crass rigidity (purist). God is not sitting on the sidelines of your romantic life waiting for you to become winsome (Prov. He anticipates, delights in, and works through awkward faithfulness (1 Cor. (4) Pre-marital romantic feelings are part of the inherent goodness of creation (Gen. Fall: (5) You are a sinner, and will desire to use, lie, manipulate, and push emotional, physical, and relational boundaries for unholy reasons (Jer. Don't structure your relationship as if you will always be at the top of your game (Matt. Here are some starting places for living in an other-worldly (Eph. When Andre’s bodyguard, Vincent (Onyx Whitaker), asks him for a loan to pay his ailing wife’s medical bills, and Andre turns him down, Vincent moves on to Plan B: a robbery that leads to a shootout and leaves Andre teetering between this world and the next.

Working from a screenplay by Haddon and Allison Elizabeth Brown, Byrd (“King’s Ransom”) doesn’t maintain a pace brisk enough to keep viewers from asking logic questions, especially pertaining to the robbery.Haddon returns after his summer performance at Fort Clarence Beach was aborted due to the threat posed to Jamaica by Hurricane Matthew.

Sometimes it was necessary to tilt the head back a little to prevent them falling off.… continue reading »

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