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Part III explains Title VII disparate impact claims.

In the case of people with disabilities, architects have developed a theory called "universal design," geared toward eliminating the discriminatory ...

His interests have determined our most coveted occupations, his traditional family role has determined our wages, his availability has determined our work hours, and most important to this Article, his body has determined our work environment.

This Article proposes that the built environment can become a source of discrimination against women when spaces are constructed with the male body in mind.

Looking closer to home are some even more profound markers.

According to Road & Travel Magazine, women comprise 40% of all business travelers.

PY - 1995/7/1Y1 - 1995/7/1N2 - Primarily on the basis of interviews, the treatment of gender is compared as a human factors consideration within military and civilian aviation.

Women are emerging as influencers in the leisure travel sector, and hoteliers need to modify their offerings to accommodate this growing demographic. Women are surmounting their traditional roles of mother and caregiver with disposable income per capita experiencing a 6.1% real growth over the 2007 to 2012 period with an 18.2% growth projected for the next seven years from 2013 to 2020, according to Euromonitor International.

All arrows point to women as the clear leaders in this travel sector.

More than a year after the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department announced efforts to house female transgender inmates based on their gender identity, officials say the department is moving in the right direction — but some critics insist it’s not moving fast enough.

Sheriff Vicki Hennessy said the department has been making steady, if slow, progress when it comes to transgender-rights issues, requiring deputies to undergo gender-awareness training and working with advocates to develop a department policy for handling inmates whose gender identity differs from what’s on their birth certificates.

What would happen if all your advertising efforts and promotions were geared entirely to women?