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31-Oct-2016 17:34

Don’t forget that cyber bullying is a crime, and punishable as a felony.

Depending upon the circumstances, this type of online voyeurism can involve acts like “theft by deception,” “invasion of privacy,” “cyber terrorism,” and many other forms of illegal behavior.

In addition, if you use remote access of your technological gadgets, it is theoretically more likely that they may be able to access your webcam through third-party software as well. Though there are some other methods (mentioned above), which hackers can use to access your web camera, the most popular way they do it, according to anti-hacking expert, Leo Notonboom is by the use of malware.

Malware, by its very nature, is a nasty beast anyway. Viruses can easily be removed and caught by some of the well-known antivirus programs on the market today.

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Some people worry also if people can even gain access to their webcam while they are away from home, on vacations or business trips, and be able to see inside your house at your possessions for a possible break-in.

While it is unlikely that the people hacking your webcam would live within close proximity to your house, the very fact that they can see around your house at all while you are away is still a sobering thought.

You will have no problem purchasing the full registered version of our video surveillance software no matter where in the world you live!By installing malware from a back door, these hackers will be able to access your computer remotely and view your webcam. Just like in the real world of bullies in both the child and adult world, there are real bullies who want to take advantage of others, pry into their personal lives, steal information that does not belong to them, or engage in other unscrupulous practices.

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