Validating input php

03-May-2016 05:17

This article will explain the basics in creating an email form that validates the inputs, produces errors when inputs are typed incorrectly, and send an email to you when submitted.

Using php Mailer to Send Mail through PHP How to set up Form Mail Hello Anandita, Be sure to check your code for syntax errors, particularly the placement of the quotes. You will need to speak with a developer (if you were not the author of the code), to see where the problem is occurring.

So, we need to always filter and validate the user entered before storing it in application’s database.

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Note: This is not a complete, covering every possible case tutorial. If so, feel free to comment and I will try to update the post with other issues and solutions. If you don’t have a good code coverage level and you lack tests, upgrading from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5 might be a big problem.… continue reading »

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