Updating my g1

02-Sep-2016 20:08

updating my g1-26

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For whatever reason, HTC gifted the G1 with an incredibly meager amount of internal flash, and considering that no Android phone will support app storage / loading from a micro SD card, there's no way to free up room for Donut, Eclair or Flan.

You've been a real champ, G1, but without 2.0 , we just can't give you the love and devotion you truly need. However, I'm sure there will be a hacked release available, since Droiddog reports video's showing Android 2.0 running on a G1.

I believe Android is a platform on top of which the phone carriers build their specific release.If there's a new update available, the download will start when your smartwatch is plugged in to charge and connected to a Wi-Fi network or to your phone when your phone has an Internet connection.Downloading the Android Wear system software update can take a while.I'm considering getting a G1 from T-Mobile (in the US), and am wondering, I can update to new versions of Android as they come out, even ones targeted towards newer Android phones, correct?

For example, would I be able to update my G1 to Android 2.0 when it is available? If it's a T-mobile release, they will download it to your phone. (Hopefully most of that information will no longer be needed, though some of the tips for Apple users etc may still be of interest).

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