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Kidzworld has chat rooms for kids and teens that are moderated by real people frequently, and as kids click from one site to another, there is no guarantee they will unmonitored private areas that predators can talk to children.

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Chat rooms When someone is posting a message in a chat room, other users have no way of knowing chat room Most of these rooms are unmonitored One trick to avoid harassment is to choose a gender-neutral name to use in a chat .Oct 21, 2010 closed chat room and is moderated by mental health professionals examples used group chat sessions (instead of one-on-one ses- parison of discourse in monitored vs unmonitored chat rooms Journal of .71, § 370, means the repeated use by one or more students or a school staff member Chat rooms and 'one on one' conversation flows easily to offline private space 3 Unmonitored chat can have inappropriate language and sexual content.