United capital self liquidating loan

17-Aug-2016 07:11

equipment so they can set up and grow their existing franchises.

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Prstamo en valores A guarantee of payment required by export credit agencies before agreeing to extend cover in certain markets, depending on the legal and administrative system of the borrowing countries.

Duplicado de una letra de cambio A market where securities are traded after having been issued and distributed on the Primary market.

This is the market for "second-hand" trading of financial instruments. The New York Stock Exchange and other world stock exchanges, bond markets, etc. Ttulos, valores, efectos (1) The securing of a loan or another debt instrument by the pledge of assets.

A transaction whereby a person or a company purchases an asset from its owner and then Leases it back to him.

The lessee therefore receives the sale price and continues to enjoy the use of the asset against payment of the lease fee.The so-called Great Recession of 2007-2009 and its aftermath have taken a toll on the financial state of many municipalities, making repayment less certain than it once may have been.

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