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11-Feb-2016 06:32

Inside Mobile Apps: So how does playing a dating video game help lead users to real-world matches in Flirt Planet?

Sebastian Coman: Flirt Planet is a dating ecosystem made up of Flirt Planet Play, which is not only a video game, it’s a new video game genre.

We’ve taken social, flirting and dating interactions, and we’ve created a game for that.

You build your avatar, you enter a 3-D world, you assume the role of an alien from outer space, and you need to blend into human society, taking baby steps as you learn how to socialize. SC: You interact with the artificial intelligence through dialogue, facial expressions, and body language.

If she does, it's probably going to be some flannel pajamas, slippers, and a bathrobe - a sign that she's ready for you to leave! Further, they expect you to be sophisticated and smooth about it.

Clumsy, boyish behavior doesn't fit with her image of being "swept off her feet", and you don't really want this critical step to end in laughter!

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Then whenever you hear it when you're out, it will make you feel good — and bold enough to say hi to the hottest of the hotties.7.

"No joke, my apartment used to be so messy, it looked like I'd been robbed. It lets me know that she's thinking about me." —Ronaldo, 215.

Anyone who follows Michelle or Christian on social media can tell you that the two stars are best friends in real life – so it isn’t hard to believe that Le Blanc would follow Michelle over to “General Hospital.” According to Y&R rumors, Le Blanc’s storyline on the CBS soap is wrapping up and spoilers tease that he could be killed off within the next couple weeks.… continue reading »

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