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and somehow managing that pulled pork glory without the benefit of it being made in a roadside shack of questionable structural integrity. But what sets Aspen apart from other tourist-heavy mountain towns of its ilk -- from Breckenridge to Vail -- is the sheer volume of great food residing therein.Rhubarb represents one of the best damned Southern restaurants, period (hint: get anything with bacon… Concrete bunker The Admiral offers up amazing takes on the fusion thing (curried fried chicken FTW), Curate -- with its amazing seafood and fresh-sliced iberico ham -- hits requisite tapas/fine-dining buttons, while Chai Pani offers up Indian-infused takes on pub fare. If Aspen had nothing but a gaggle of mall-chain fare, it'd still be great. Anyone who has traveledout west and in canada think of ashevilleas rolling hills not mountains.2. The market dictates the number of restaurants, sport. I went through this first hand and while many renters are good, some like to light fireworks til 1 in the morning. There is no differing view points unless someone is secretive about them.

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Nothing is more all-American than a cross-country road trip.

The cities on this list -- all with populations of fewer than 100,000 -- prove that you don't need silly things like "public transit" and "the need to lock your door at night" to still bring the culinary thunder.

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