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31-May-2016 18:31

It tries to install the Babylon toolbar, make Babylon your default webpage and make it your default search engine.

However, even if you deselect the check boxes, it still places a Babylon installer on your desktop although doesn't appear to install any of the components.

is composed of framed photographs and watercolors set between layers of a green satin and black mesh garment that resembles a skirt or a cape.

The photographs depict body parts, while the watercolors appear to illustrate moments in a story, with captions referring to various episodes in a mother’s life.

It can call my friends without asking me, and can even start recording from my camera when I’m showering or pooping or having sex, or all three.. The same people copy and paste blocks of legal jargon text on the walls, thus telling Facebook that they do not have permission to use their photographs.

It’s not so your phone can frape you in the middle of the night and post a ‘Justin Bieber 4evah’ status while you sleep.

It adds 4 extra icons to your Facebook chat dialog window - a webcam, a microphone, a games icon and a smiley.

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After emails, Instant Messenger programs were developed and introduced – and they are still very popular among many a people!

This is for telling your best score on Cut The Rope.