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And he believes the surprise resignation of Estelle Morris and her replacement as Secretary of State for Education by Charles Clarke, will do little to change the direction of educational policy which, he says, is totally wrong."Education is like a ship where the lights have gone out, the rudder is broken, the crew is demoralised and it's drifting in the wrong direction.

You can fly in a new captain, mend the lights, fix the rudder and inspire the crew but you'll still be heading in the wrong direction."There's a lot of fixing needed in education.

(Photo by Alan Davidson /WPA Pool / Getty Images)LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Harry and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge attend the Royal Film Performance of 'Spectre'at Royal Albert Hall on October 26, 2015 in London, England.

(Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images)LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Prince Harry talks with Daniel Craig while attending The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund's Royal Film Performance 2015 of the 24th James Bond Adventure, "Spectre" at Royal Albert Hall on October 26, 2015 in London, England.

Here are three of my favourite spots I worked on for Electapoolooza 2013.

(Write/Direct/VO) When Kevin announced the expansion of Manus Island, I was with one of the Get Up team in the car listening to the announcement on the radio. LUKE BROOKS @luke_brooks Kred: 992 Klout: 83 Melbourne Teenager.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 26: Daniel Craig kisses his wife Rachel Weisz while they attend The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund's Royal Film Performance 2015 of the 24th James Bond Adventure, "Spectre" at Royal Albert Hall on October 26, 2015 in London, England.Rachael Leahcar was chosen to represent Delta Goodrem's team, while Darren Percival will compete for Keith Urban.Urban told reporters at a press call in Sydney on Tuesday (June 12): "I think there are some hard decisions and there are some really impossible ones..."The British education system is wasting two thirds of the talent in society," says Edward de Bono, shaking his head sadly."The one third who do well at school and exams go on to university and are fine," argues the Maltese-born doctor who became a multimillionaire by applying his thinking skills to problems in business, foreign policy and education."But the others leave school believing that they are stupid.

They are not stupid at all, many are good thinkers who have never had the chance to show it.

That kind of turn around is really exciting, but also terrifying, and compromises always get made to get the final product over the line in time, but the work is truly fulfilling.

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