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Camille Herron, from Oklahoma in the US wins the Women's race of the Comrades Marathon.She stopped running when she was handed a rose upon entering the arena thinking that she had finished but another runner came up next to and told her the finish line was still ahead so she narrowly beat the second placed runner.Russian Alexandra Morozova was second in a time of .Once she took charge of the race in Pinetown‚ she never looked like losing and the only time she was remotely threated was in Camperdown when Morozova tried to charge."We are making a specific request that anyone who has any knowledge, videos, or comments regarding this case, please keep this information off of the internet."Out of respect for the family of the departed and for the deceased themselves, we respectfully request that the citizenry of Polk County and whoever might view or receive this message please help us out with this request." But the force has no legal powers to get taken the video taken down, although some websites have agreed to their requests to remove it.

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After arriving at her home in Cedartown, Georgia they rushed her to hospital but she was pronounced dead on arrival.

Fun Fact(s): Much like myself, Roxanne took the recent passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan particularly hard, calling him "a kind and genuine soul."Sports Cred: British beauty Georgie Thompson may be best known for her love life in England, but she's been a presenter on Sky Sports for years. Fun Fact(s): Georgie and infamous mistress Imogen Thomas are co-authors of a book called (only a German newspaper would have "Die" in the title) before being hired by Sky Sports Germany as a presenter in 2009.