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in gay time), and we are gingerly circling the marriage question.We are as committed to one another as I imagine two people can be, and, given that we live in a society that weirdly rewards certain kinds of adult relationships more than others, the pragmatist in me can’t imagine What I have trouble getting into, though, is the wedding part itself.

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Though it was caught on film, the lip-lock seemed light-hearted and the moment, being at a table and not on stage, private enough. When I think about it more with my brain, I start to feel a little better.This hang-up, I should mention, has caused some amount of friction in my relationship.Though Cam is also wary of the gay-marriage compulsion and sympathetic to my reservations, he is of the opinion that a wedding is simply a big party at which your family and friends have the privilege of showering you with love and, hopefully, some cash as well.In a corner of the Darling Gardens in Melbourne’s boutique inner-city suburb of Clifton Hill stands a small, well-maintained toilet block that sports a sign warning that plain-clothes police regularly patrol the area.

In the year I lived within a stone’s throw of the gardens I never saw anyone who looked purposefully plain-clothed, but I did see some of those whom the sign is supposed to deter: men who would pull up alongside the toilets, and watch the block anxiously.

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