Mandating overtime and patient safety 1 to 1sex chat webcam

27-Aug-2016 20:48

CONTACT ME TODAY to talk about my powerful keynotes, workshops and programs.I look forward to helping your organization achieve its goals.State-mandated caps on nursing overtime hours improve patient safety and care quality, concluded a new study, reported .The regulations prevented fatigue from long shifts and the associated errors that endanger the safety of patients and nurses.On October 30, 2007, the Rhode Island General Assembly overrode the Governor's veto and enacted a law prohibiting mandatory overtime for nurses and nurse assistants in Rhode Island hospitals. The law covers nurses and certified nurse assistants in any private, public or state hospital in Rhode Island.The law prohibits requiring nurses to work longer than their agreed-upon shifts of either eight, ten or twelve hours and at no time longer than twelve consecutive hours. The law only applies to individuals paid on an hourly basis and does not include those paid an annual salary or those who are working a pre-scheduled on-call shift in a hospital's surgical department.The new law sets an hourly limit at the nurses' "regularly scheduled work hours," defined as those hours a nurse has agreed to work and is normally scheduled to work, including prescheduled on-call time and time spent for the purposes of communicating shifts reports regarding patient status.

In this testimony, the impact upon nurses and patient safety of a workplace environment where nurses are stressed, fatigued, unable to use their critical thinking skills, predisposed to workplace related accidents, illnesses and injuries, and involved in incidents of medication errors and episodes of failure to rescue was discussed (ANA, 2002).

As the law only applies to hourly paid employees, nurse managers paid on a salary basis may be required to work as many hours as necessary.