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Movie distributor Summit Entertainment A Lionsgate Company 10 A24 9 Paramount Pictures 8 Amazon Studios 6 Focus Features 6 Twentieth Century Fox 6 Roadside Attractions 5 The Weinstein Co.

5 CBS Films 3 Lionsgate 3 Sony Pictures Classics 3 Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures 3 Universal Pictures 2 Bleecker Street 1 Cohen Media Group 1 EUROPACORP 1 Fox Searchlight Pictures 1 GKIDS 1 Netflix 1 The Orchard 1 STX Entertainment 1 TWC–Dimension 1 Warner Bros.

This was the first Eurovision Song Contest broadcast in colour, with viewers noting Massiel's backing singers in their short teal coloured dresses (from left/tallest to right/shortest, they were María Jesús Aguirre, María Dolores Arenas, and Mercedes Valimaña Macaria).

Joan Manuel Serrat, the artist originally chosen to perform Spain's entry, intended to sing it in Catalan.

She also blamed the allegations on competition among Spanish TV channels.

José María Íñigo, the person who had made the original claims in the documentary, later retracted them, saying "If there had been such a manipulation, it would have been for a different artist who had been closer to the regime." Massiel recorded the song in four languages; Spanish, Italian, German, all as "La, la, la", and in English, as "He Gives Me Love (La, la, la)".

Although age 18 is the minimum for marriage in most of the nation, every state has legal loopholes allowing children to wed.

The New Jersey bill would have prohibited any marriage of children under age 18.

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