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10-Nov-2016 22:07

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Our trading hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 9.30am to 5.30pm all year round.

On weekend matchdays we open five hours before the match starts and close at kick off.

They weren’t down on Defoe, the English striker who consistently electrified the Premier League with an astronomical strike rate.

Instead, they warned about Defoe the overtly loyal son; Defoe the mamma’s boy.

Toronto FC debuted its two newest acquisitions, England striker Jermain Defoe and U. Bradley summoned up the names of Canadian players past — Paul Stalteri, Will Johnson and more — and noted how much their recommendation had meant to him.

“They said it’s a city that’s dying to have a team they can be proud of,” he said.

And with the Toronto franchise having never qualified for the post-season during its eight years in Major League Soccer, TFC bosses were desperate to see a positive change — and fast.

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Londoners knew not where it had come from, only that it was upon Holland.

In the moments before they went live to television, an MLSE official asked the fans in attendance to quiet down ahead of introductions.

Instead, they launched into chant of a “This is our house.”On the stage, a smile crept across the face of MLSE CEO Tim Leiweke.

"It was brought, some said from Italy, others from the Levant, among some goods which were brought home by their Turkey fleet; others said it was brought from Candia; others from Cyprus," Daniel Defoe wrote in the opening of his historical novel, A Journal of the Plague Year.