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13-Jun-2016 10:13

Outside of Israel, the question on most people’s minds will be how a new government may address the conflict with Palestine, and their country's illegal settlements.

As things stand, the answer seems likely to be “much the same as the last one”.

He repeatedly states that Jerusalem will never be divided.

However, is speech to the US Congress last week, effectively urging at attack on Iran, may have earned him standing ovations in the Republican-dominated House in Washington, but no additional votes at home.

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And this is reflected in their political parties, who may differ on domestic policies, but offer no real solutions.

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As the writer Gideon Levy has pointed out, the occupation is the "elephant in the room, but Israel believes that if nobody talks about it, the elephant does not exist". LIKUDNetanyahu announced yesterday that if he is PM there will be no Palestinian state.

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This will have come as a surprise to absolutely no-one, as his rhetoric was always countered with ever more settlements, and statelessness for the occupied territories.

This is the first time a body affiliated with the UN has used the term "apartheid" for the Israeli state’s treatment of Palestinians, and it is a grave assertion.