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22-Mar-2016 05:05

Our only debts are our mortgage, one car payment, and a loan from my father that carries no interest. -- as daily concerns, the last fucking thing a young couple should be thinking about is buying a goddamn house. I recently tallied up all invoices for repairs and updates since I bought the house in 1997. Now, with the economy as it is and will likely be for some time to come, my best self-defense is to carry no debt and save what I can.Between that latter loan and an inheritance I received, we put down fully one-third of the cost on our 1,100 square-foot, three-bedroom home in San Jose, California. We are tied to a place that is prohibitively expensive to live, requiring both of us to work instead of one parent staying home. Psychologically, young buyers like us fail to truly do the math on property taxes, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, plumbing, yardwork, general maintenance, drainage, so on and so forth. I am 50 years old, divorced without children or other immediate family obligations, and within two years of paying off my mortgage. If inflation picks up a lot, then my savings are screwed. If you're thinking of buying a house, just remember that there is probably a sizable pile of bullshit in any justification or encouragement offered by the real estate industry and financial industry.   The photos on most dating sites are cadged, usually illegally, from  sites that store the portfolios of professional and aspiring  models.A good many are also stolen, along with personal  information, from sites such as Facebook, so don't let Facebook try  to tell you that their site is secure.On paper, at least, my wife and I are perfect home-owner candidates: Married, taxable income hovering around 0K, parents of 2 children, owners of 2 dogs. How does it factor into your costs now, and in twenty years when retirement and paying for college are no longer distant abstracts?

It's a 30-year slump with its origins in the decline of marriage, the rise of female education, and the vicissitudes of the labor market.

It comes with a cast of pop idols covering the front of the card so you can be cooler than all your friends who have generic blue and gray credit cards.

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