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Speaking shortly after his Wa Po op-ed hit, touting what in his own words were his biggest accomplishments, Trump said “my administration has been delivering every single day for the great citizens of our country.We are keeping one promise after another, and frankly the people are really happy about it.”While Trump told the Pennsylvania crowd he was just getting started on meeting his campaign promises, he repeatedly attacked an “incompetent, dishonest” media, saying they were not telling the truth about his administration’s accomplishments.The image of emeralds and chocolate is a visually stimulating and almost decadent combination. But don't tell any of that to Eric Peterson, the brilliant but extremely lonely, young student who has fallen in love with him. Set in Louisiana, Johnson incorporates the intrigue of old New Orleans and its surroundings through an epic telling of a historical slave narrative, the curious magic of voodoo and the delicious element of black gay vampires thus setting the stage for a new Southern Gothic. He grew up just 13 miles outside of New Orleans, and attended the prestigious Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts.Especially when it's personified in the mysterious Marquis Le Blanc, a very tall, completely bald, completely black, beautiful and chiseled to perfection African Adonis. He began playing the clarinet in the fifth grade and eventually made it into the Louisiana All-State Concert and Symphonic bands.And like his brainy protagonist, Eric Peterson, Johnson loves the clarinet! Murry Johnson: Image of Emeralds and Chocolate (IEC) speaks to so many different groups of people.It incorporates a plethora of genres: black, gay, vampire, coming of age, mystery, fantasy, and historical, but most of all it is a love story.

Nearly ten years after their divorce, Jessica tied the knot with Eric in Montecito, California.

When I just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me But then I got a little bit older and I realized, she was the crazy one But there was nothin I could do or say to try to change it cause that's just the way she was They said I can't rap about bein broke no more They ain't say I can't rap about coke no more (AHHH!

) Slut, you think I won't choke no whore til the vocal cords don't work in her throat no more?! ) These motherfuckers are thinkin I'm playin Thinkin I'm sayin the shit cause I'm thinkin it just to be sayin it (AHHH!

"Oh, now he's raping his own mother, abusing a whore, snorting coke, and we gave him the Rolling Stone cover? Two pills I pop, 'til my pupils swell up like two pennies I'm Clint Eastwood in his mid-twenties A young ass man with a trash can strapped to the back of his ass so the rats can't chew through his last pants I'm like a mummy at night, fightin with bright lightning Frightened with five little white Vicadin pills bitin him I'm like a fuckin wasp in the hospital lost Stingin the fuck outta everything I come across in the halls I light a candle and place it up on the mantle Grab a knife at the blade and stab you with the fuckin handle So when you find yourself wrapped up in the blinds, hurtin [Swifty] Bitch it's too late [Eminem] Cause once you're hung from the drapes, it's curtains [Swifty] I'm an instigator, .380 slug penetrator Degradin, creatin murders to kill haters Accused for every crime known through the equator They knew I did it (uh-huh) for havin blood on my 'gators My weed'll hit yo' chest like a double barrel gauge an' I'm a black grenade that'll blow up in yo' face With a fifth in me, when I guzzle Remi I do shit on purpose You never hear me say, "Forgive me" I'm snatchin every penny - it gotta be that way nigga, face it That weed I sold to you, Brigade laced it You hidin, I make the president get a facelift Niggaz just afraid, handin me they bracelets Chillin in the lab wasted I'm the type that'll drink Kahlua and gin - throw up on the mic Your life is ruined, you get socked right on site And even at the Million Man March, we gon' fight Chorus: Eminem So you can suck my dick if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick Cause I don't give a fuck if you don't like, my shit Cause I was high when I wrote this so suck, my dick [Bizarre] I'm a compulsive liar, settin my preacher on fire Slashin your tires, flyin down Fenkel and Meyers Plates expired, soon as I'm hired, I'm fired Jackin my dick off in a bed of barbed wire (Hey, is Bizarre performing? Special invited guest will be, Richard Pryor (Aren't you a male dancer? ) I signed to a local label for fun Say I got cancer, get dropped, take the advancement and run Driveby you in the rain while you carry your son Call your house and hang up on you for not givin me none Born straight up out a pussy but a son of a gun Got a reputation for havin niggaz runnin they funds Used to be the type of nigga that was foldin some one's 'til I met your fat mama, now I'm rollin in dough Chorus [Eminem] Haha.. Dirty motherfuckin Dozen Nasty like a stank slut bitch with thirty fuckin husbands Bizarre kid Swifty Mc Veigh The Kon Artis The Kuniva Dirty Harry Haha, and Slim Shady.. stupid fuckin questions A lot of people think that..

" You god damn right BITCH, and now it's too late I'm triple platinum and tragedies happen in two states I invented violence, you vile venomous volatile bitches vain Vicadin, vrinnn Vrinnn, VRINNN! ) Nah bitch, I'm retired Fuckin your bitch in the ass with a tire iron I'm ripped, I'm on an acid trip My DJ's in a coma for lettin the record skip.. what I say on records or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real life or that I believe in it Or if I say that, I wanna kill somebody, that.. The singer, 36, was discussing her marriage to former NFL star Eric Johnson when she shared how they like to spend alone time with each other.

Bradley and Zoe are co-stars in “The Words,” a thriller also starring Olivia Wilde, Dennis Quaid and Jeremy Irons, due out in 2012.… continue reading »

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