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Encyclopædia Dramatica is the creation of little-known French inventor and social climber Percy Pénible.

Percy, who surrounded himself with politiques, philosophers and other flower children of the Enlightenment to appear more serious, had a large part in creating the original Encyclopédie with his close friend Denis Diderot.

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For consistency sake, the rest of the site will refer to Lainey as "she/her".

Later books include The Illuminati Facts and Fiction (2009), a more secular version of the Manifesto which he forces down the throat of all his You Tube viewers, The New World Order Facts and Fiction (2010) and The Orwellian Nightmare Come True (2011).

His books are generally poorly written (apparently Prince Phillip is Prince of 'Whales') and poorly sourced.

The effete Diderot, who knew Percy through his brother Drama Diderot, was always the slacker of the four man entourage of enlightened men and childhood friends: the Diderots, Percy, and André Le Breton, whom the other three referred to simply as É.

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Percy quickly tired of Denis and his laid back, pot smoking habits and far-fetched dreams of solving the Kitchen Sink enigma, but was forced to keep his feelings under wraps until their Encyclopédie project blew over, as told by one excerpt in Percy's diary: "I am tired of Denis' laid back, pot smoking habits and far-fetched dreams of philosophical superstardom, but I shall keep my feelings under wraps until our Encyclopédie project blows over." Percy snapped when all of his additions were glossed over and replaced by more mellow entries to appeal to the lazy philosophe fan base, as suggested by their agent Jean le Rond d'Alembert.

The Encyclopædia Dramatica, known simply as Dramatica or ED, is a controversial encyclopedia developed at least 100 years ago in mid-18th century France at the height of the Enlightenment.

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