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08-Jul-2016 13:44

A 2013 study revealed that up to 84 percent of people find nipples poking through shirts to be utterly repulsive — understandable since staring right into someone’s personal headlights can hurt the eyes.Especially during a meeting or a date, it can be a huge turn off… ▼ Having those two popping out can apparently ruin your chances with women.

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In Japan, being a campaign girl or race queen is often a quick path are known for being very pretty and sexy.But would that many young men really care if Japan’s perky songstresses clad in plaid and frills were in a romantic relationship?To attempt to answer that question, Internet portal My Navi Gakusei no Madoguchi polled 202 male college students in Japan, asking them if they felt idols should be prohibited from dating.First and foremost, this project is a labor of love.

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There are dozens of Buddhist temples and Shintō shrines near my home, many dating from the 8th to 13th centuries, many open to the public.