Dating a republican

19-Jun-2016 22:32

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I had excellent experiences with in the past with men who were polite, reliable, trustworthy, and overall higher quality than the swipers of Tinder.

In fact, a few of my old meet-ups are still my friends! For some reason, the Algorithm Gods of paired me up with a man that not even Bizzaro-Me would date.

After exchanging a few messages with Chad, he wanted to set up a time for a phone call. I was honest about who I was and what I believed in, but he didn’t seem to mind.

I was hesitant because he was a staunch Republican and the founder/CEO of a company facilitating media communications for many Republican representatives in Pennsylvania, and I was a tattooed feminist and travel writing globalist with blue hair. I found his openness to my opposing world perspective refreshing and decided to see where it led. But instead he opted to put effort into being rude.

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I'm also a Republican and I'm finding it very hard to find someone in my age range that even holds a few right-wing opinions. I'm curious =) The depth of negativity that I have received from asking this question ("do you guys cross party date? I laugh because through all of that heartache I ended up with a happiness I never knew existed. It’s 7 months after an emotionally abusive relationship with an alcoholic and I’m starting to feel confident enough to play the field again.But no dating experience of mine is as preposterous as my encounter with this guy. This is the last text message I ever got from Chad, a media strategist for Republican representatives in Pennsylvania. Since I travel frequently for work, I decide to sign up for Dating someone with strong political leanings can be tricky, though, whether they're just further from the center than you or completely across the aisle.

To that end, a newer dating app called Clover analyzed data from over 700,000 users to put together a handy infographic to give you an idea of what makes both donkeys and elephants tick.

Ah, election season -- a time of peace and feelings of unity among the American voting public.

Bolivians do not have a reputation for being stunners in the looks department.… continue reading »

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