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22-Jun-2016 06:35

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I love all those ships but I mostly write about Phan (Danisnotonfire and Amazing Phil)i would also like to use this space to thank all my viewers, followers, and reviewers who encourage me to keep writing! Dan, Phil, PJ, and Chris have a fun-filled day at the lake. Fluff, focuses on Phan and there's slight kickthestickz for funny moments. :)Phil doesn't approve of strange men flirting with his beautiful boyfriend Dan, and his protective-boyfriend instincts somehow get him into a bar fight! (Rated T for a little language, a teeny bit of violence, and a smidgen of crying)"...

When I read your reviews, my heart flutters with pride. I admired the way his muscles created slight shadows on the canvas of white, the change in texture begging to be touched.

What he doesn’t expect is to walk in on a floor covered in clothes and you standing in front of the mirror crying. I love you Y/n, please never feel like you are worth less than you are.”Phil: While you waited for Phil who was currently in the shower, you decided to scroll through twitter.

Dan laughs as he starts walking towards your shared bedroom where he assumes you are getting ready for your date tonight. I’ll tell you now that you look gorgeous in any outfit you put on! I love your size, it’s all a part of you and every time I look at you I am stunned by how I have such an incredible girlfriend.

And before you ask, yes, this is all just an elaborate excuse to look at 25 photos of his face.

From his llama love and derping all the way to his cat whiskers and swooping fringe, Dan is a man of the people, so take a seat and prepare yourself for 25 facts you really should know about your favourite internet friend by now.

It's like a talent show but we don't win anything, if we get in then we get to perform in the showcase.

I imagined what it would be like to touch and stroke his skin, his body, his hair, his lips, his everything whenever I wanted to, freely as lovers do." Fluff, jealousy, passion, and everything in between!

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