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20-Mar-2016 04:49

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For as much value as click and collect services can add to stores, they also add costs that make turning a profit difficult.

And with more companies adding the service, digital retailing is quickly becoming just as crowded as brick-and-mortar.

If you are a big fan of Argentina and are thinking of searching for a significant other or relationship there, give online dating a try.

While it has been slow to take off in the country, the number of Argentinians signing up on online dating sites continues to grow by the day.

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I was watching this video in which a cross section of people, were asked to use Tinder to find people they would go on a date with.

By getting shoppers to order online and pick up at the store, retailers can dip their toe in the e-commerce realm without fundamentally altering the way they do business.

It’s also cheaper and less complicated to operate than home delivery, and offers a chance for customers to add incremental purchases inside stores.

The prevalence of smart phones mean we are always contactable, social media allows others to get to know us before we have even met, and dating apps give us an abundance of choice in a suitable partner or partners.

This article focuses on how technology has changed dating. Mine met on a double blind date in which my mother and father had mutual friends who introduced them.

Hosts Claudia, Tiffany, Jay and Alex discuss online dating and all that goes with it, including some experiences, the convenience of apps and what makes them swipe left or right ...