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Elise Czajkowski: So how did you start out writing about such weird things?

Jon Ronson: Well, I was living in Manchester in the north of England, and working with bands, and not making any money. As it happens, I wrote a movie based on one of the bands I worked with, which is about to start filming.

And I’ve got to admit, at the time, in my early 20s, I probably thought I was better than them. If the thing that the person believes or the situation I’m going to get myself in feels kind of absurd and unfolding. And I became obsessed with trying to tell that story. When the banking system collapsed, every one said, “Oh my god, nobody predicted this.” But actually, loads of people were predicting it. And the reason was because I kept on meeting people who worked in the credit industry and they were really boring. And, as I said in , if you want to get away with wielding true malevolent power, be boring.

They were kind of nuts and I was, you know, sane and rational. Now I feel completely on a par of irrationality with them. I was just kind of drawn to those stories, but at the time, they were stories that didn’t really matter. If I find that I’m heading into a sort of condescending place, I abandon the story. And I think best of all, if it’s a kind of silly, funny story but about a really serious thing. Friends of mine were coming round for dinner and saying, “This is a house of cards.” In my “Who Killed Richard Cullen” story [], there’s lots of people of saying, “You know, this is really bad. Journalists hate writing about boring people, because we want to look good, you know? To the extent that I would like get up in the morning — I’ve never really told this to anyone, but I’d get up in the morning, I’d go downstairs to breakfast and I’d, like, look at my cereal and burst into tears.

Then the X-ray kicks in as you penetrate, bones splinter, organs disintegrate, and it's all rendered in pornographic detail. It is, by far, the most horrifically violent orgasm ever captured in a game - or, arguably, any other medium.

It's an experience you'll repeat over and over (unless you switch the kill-cam off entirely) across the game's eight missions.

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