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14-Apr-2016 12:10

It's free (MIT licensed) and ships with killer features such as LDAP/Kerberos authentication, a REST-like API and XMPP support.Let's Chat is a side-project of the development team at Security Compass. To Delete an Alias check the box to the right of the Alias you want to Delete and then press the delete button that will appear.Adding an Alias Image to the Chat Widget When you answer a chat using an Alias you can choose to display an image in the widget.

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They can never be resurfaced by the sender, and the recipient can't view the image for more than a few seconds before it self-destructs. It just buries them deep inside a device.* A digital forensics examiner named Richard Hickman has found a way to resurface the private pictures on Androids.Whats App is probably one of the most used apps on any smartphone. Whether you are looking to text someone or want to send an image from your holiday to a group of friends, you are likely to pick up Whats App.