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Hence, you need to ensure that your chatbot has a human-like personality including a life history as well as a visual identity.Developers are likely to make some common mistakes when building their chatbot, which can undermine the user experience.This week, the word “robot” celebrates its 90th anniversary, first appearing in Karel Capek’s play R. We excluded cyborgs that were once humans (sorry Seven of Nine and Robocop) and tried to only use one example from each fictional universe (we cheated with Star Wars). And remember, Rosie may have been sweet to the Jetsons, but that doesn’t mean the Robot Apocalypse isn’t nigh. da Vinci Surgical System Created: 2000 Creator: Intuitive Surgical While the da Vinci isn’t performing the operations, this kind of robotic technology was a huge advancement for surgical procedures, allowing doctors to control its four robotic arms remotely. Actor William Daniels voiced the character, which co-starred alongside David Hasselhoff, currently of hotel-floor-with-a-cheeseburger fame.—Nathan Spicer 38.

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