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05-Apr-2016 00:28

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this week, Spears admitted that she’s still looking for Mr.

Right despite having been in “horrible relationships” in the past.

“He’s such a cry baby,” Spears fan @H85Mak said of Timberlake in lieu of his “suffering” accusations, while @KQEDPop tweeted, “When will Justin Timberlake stop bringing up Britney’s cheating for sympathy?

(Never).” Britney and Justin have had little interaction after they split after five years together in 2002, though Spears did speak about Justin in 2011 with where she claimed that her ex-boyfriend actually “inspires” her.

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It has long been rumoured that the now 36-year-old Justin dumped Britney after finding a love not from her choreographer Wade Robinson.She was also linked to David Lucado for a year, but parted ways with the bartender in 2014 after he allegedly cheated on her.Spears latest relationship was with producer Charlie Ebersol.“Justin [is so different and fresh],” Britney told the site of how she really feels about Timberlake five years ago.

“It’s inspiring for me, and it makes people eager to listen to music, which helps everyone.” Justin also got candid about his relationship, and breakup, with Spears in a 2011 interview, where he admitted that he and Spears hadn’t spoken since they sensationally split more than a decade ago. “Then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make any sense.“But unfortunately, I still believe in love and that sort of thing …

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