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14-Jun-2016 13:16

It’s hard to think of another baseball player in recent memory whose batting stance made so many fans weak at the knees.

As the Keith Olbermanns of the world have made abundantly clear in their vitriolic responses to the outpouring of Jeter tributes, Mr.

When you get to a truly comfortable place with your own needs and intentions, and develop that strong sense of self, you don't need to worry about rules.

Brian & The Debate Team answer questions from current couples - and gives you answers to everything you need to fall into a new relationship, stay in a great relationship, and get out of the wrong relationship! Actress Krista Allen joins The Debate Team to dish about dating famous men, finding yourself as a woman, gaining confidence in Hollywood, the differences between performing scripted and unscripted, handling unwanted attention, and the best way to attr...