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Miraculous Ladybug AU where Nathanael is Lady Bug, and Juleka is Chat Noir. itll become more independent as i begin to have an actual idea of what im doing. He helps people out as Okami the White wolf, but sometimes he wonders if it's really worth it. the first few chapters are a sort of rewrite of the "first episode" or episode 26 or whatever the fuck. Focusing more on Adrien (who is accepting that he is bisexual and polyamorous) as he finds and chases love, but ultimately is still focused on both of our miraculous holders, this story is attempting to talk about our Parisian heroes' safe spaces, and examines the concept as comprehensively as possible throughout the drama that is our heroes' days. He's cynical and can barely find the will to live sometimes.That very same day, Adrien and Marinette got a new classmate; a boy with startling white hair and brilliant red eyes, and the name Jasper.Sitting three rows behind Adrien, the model can't help but become curious over the quiet male who never uttered a word all day.

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In the end, all he wants is to stop feeling so alone. Noah the quiet and skittish new student who drags around his secrets.Probably one of the most widely used forms of text analytics is sentiment analysis.