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Click here to book your place if you are a student Join the mailing list to receive further details about the event and registration.Date: Tuesday 16 October 2012Time: 6.30pm Venue: IET London, 2 Savoy Place, London WC2R 0BL Dr Suzie Sheehy Suzie is an accelerator physicist whose research focuses on developing new particle accelerators for future applications in areas such as medicine and energy.This season the storyline for Naomie and Craig is that Craig is an idiot who is way too in touch with his feminine side who can’t seem to please anyone.

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Experience all manner of wonders, from particle physics to the secrets behind our fridges' hum, from performing robots to a celebration of the Shark Lady, marine biologist Eugenie Clark. This evening event is supported by Women’s Engineering Society, who will be presenting the prestigious Karen Burt Memorial Award to a newly chartered woman engineer.We'll also hear about the Mercury 13, the group of women who independently underwent the same astronaut training as the Mercury Seven but never met as a group and never went into space. Celebrating the achievements of women in STEM, Ada Lovelace Day brings together people from around the world to talk about the women who inspire them.Find out more about Ada Lovelace herself, and other Ada Lovelace Day events and activity across the globe at Click here to book your place Students (gallery only): £5.00.However, it still has good moments such as the opening music, the HD resolution, the teamup, and the return of Bulk). Power Rangers Turbo (Until Operation Overdrive, this was, in his opinion, the worst season ever with a destruction of the old order in a horrible way with a stupid archenemy and no easily identifiable theme, but it did still have great music, fights, an epic ending, and even some ambitious episodes) 17.

Power Rangers Mega Force (Suffering MASSIVE Hype Backlash from being the 20th anniversary season, Megaforce as seen by Linkara isn't so much bad as it's lazy. He say's she's probably his favorite in this season, if only because she isn't as much of an idiot as the rest, although he dislikes that she doesn't have an arc (despite the set-up for one).Naomie has been on a graduate studies trip to Europe for the last couple of weeks.

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Whenever I reveal I was young in the 1960s, people’s eyes grow round with envy. ’ Well, I was there and I can, unfortunately, remember the 60s all too well.… continue reading »

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