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Days later though, Beyoncé begins her 'Formation World Tour' and dedicates the final song, 'Halo', to her "beautiful husband" Jay Z. July 2016: Jay Z and Beyoncé are still very much together as they watch Serena Williams at Wimbledon in London.

Kelly has not been one to talk openly about his past, but during a recent feature in GQ, the singer delved a bit deeper into his past and opened up about his relationship with Aaliyah as well as sexual abuse as a child. Kelly revealed that from the age of seven or eight, he was sexually abused by someone he referred to as a relative. As I'm older, I've only learned to forgive it," he explained. To be honest, even if my mom, I saw her kill somebody, I'm not gonna say, ‘Well, yeah, she definitely should go to jail.’ It's just something I wouldn't do.” The singer was asked if he lost his innocence because of the abuse to which he replied: “Absolutely, yes.

Miller was sent home from team’s training camp based in Ein Gedi.

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Along with his busy basketball schedule, Quincy managed to date the gorgeous IG model, Aleeyah Petty.Since first meeting each other nearly 20 years ago, Bey and Jay have become one of the most successful, famous, richest and adored couples in the world.But when you're in a billion-dollar relationship, there are plenty of lows to go with the highs.There's no confirmed date for their first encounter, but in a 2007 interview Jay said he met Queen Bey "10 years ago" placing it in '97, while the popstar said she met him when she was 18 years old, putting it in 1999.

July 2000: Their paths first cross in the music world when Beyoncé features on a track titled 'I Got That' by Jay Z's protege at the time, Anil.Never mind that she couldn't quite master the subtle brilliance behind that soft falsetto large enough to fill a room; overall, Shipp barely has a chance to skim the surface of who this young artist was. The actor playing Young Aaliyah is the only one who even remotely studied her character.